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Bit SV’s Breakthrough With Bitcoin

In 2008, founder Kevin Kelly wrote his 1,000 true fans theory. The idea is that if you can have 1,000 loyal fans who will buy your music, books, or handcrafted birdfeeders, you can make a fair life.

Bit.SV’s Breakthrough With Bitcoin iBase Trading.
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In 2008, the founder of Bit SV, Kevin Kelly wrote his 1,000 true fans theory. The idea is that if you can have 1,000 loyal fans who will buy your music, books, or handcrafted birdfeeders, you can make a fair life.

Companies like YouTube or Medium’s partner programs sprung up to enable creators earn money from true fans by hosting material and facilitating payments.


Bit.SV’s Ecosystem

Both sites have given a lot of help to people who make things. Still, they have a few big flaws, like most other old platforms. Brad Jasper, the entrepreneur and founder of Bit.SV, wants to fix them with Bitcoin SV.

Jasper is a successful creator who comes from a Mac software world where he made the very useful and popular Focus app. For example, when you write or code on a computer, you don’t want to be interrupted by tweets or emails. This app was made to cut out those distractions.

Apple’s decision to focus on iOS instead of OS X made Jasper less excited about building apps for iOS. He said that iOS is hard to sustain and that it’s riskier for developers to rely on a steady flow of new users to make money. He looked at other options.

After Focus, he made a remote notes app called Catch App, a website about working from home, and an app that turned videos into audio so people could listen to them while they were on the go. Still, it wasn’t until he found Bitcoin SV that he felt like he had found the right place for his projects.

Bitcoin SV

In the beginning, he built focus for himself because he noticed that small distractions were taking me out of flow mode. Focus is used by writers, programmers, designers, artists, remote workers, students, and anyone else who does a lot of deep work on a Mac.

As we work to build for a new ecosystem, we get excited. In some ways, Bitcoin seems to make people come up with their best ideas. People are dreaming big and working hard because of it. A lot of people are excited about what’s to come, and the ecosystem is supportive of those who want to make things.

That’s what Jasper said. He is an entrepreneur who has been making software to help people be more creative and independent for years. This is what I know about him: He has been making software for a long time now. His goal is to live off my products and ideas for more than ten years. A few years ago, he was able to do that with a few successful products that helped people be more productive, be creative, and work from home.

BTC Improvements

It’s possible that Jasper found out about Bitcoin on Twitter or Reddit, but he doesn’t remember how.

It caught my eye right away, but he didn’t think it was a good place to build. When the Lightning Network came, it didn’t solve as many problems as it solved. When he looked at other platforms, he also looked at Ethereum. He didn’t like ICOs and didn’t feel comfortable building smart contracts on Ethereum because of that.

Jasper told me that working on a nuclear reactor was like that. If you make a mistake, the whole thing will go off, he said.

There were important things he didn’t notice the first time he looked at big block Bitcoin. After the BCH/BSV split, he decided to get into it.

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