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Binance.US Trading Partners Under SEC Scrutiny

As per a story published today by The Wall Street Journal, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the relationship involving crypto trading Binance US.

Binance.US Trading Partners Under SEC Scrutiny iBase Trading.
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As per a story published today by The Wall Street Journal, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the relationship involving crypto trading Binance.US Network. This also includes two trading entities affiliated to BNB creator Changpeng Zhao Sigma Chain AG and Merit Peak Ltd.

Binance’s creator and CEO have the authority over the companies under investigation. US regulators already investigated Binance on various concerns, including two investigations scheduled for 2021.


As such, companies act as market makers for Binance US, which means they utilize existing resources to facilitate trading. Therefore, the liquidity of a cryptocurrency exchange can only be as great as its users. If consumers would like to acquire $10,000 worth of Ethereum at the current market cost, they’ll require somebody to offer it to themselves. Market participants provide volatility to platforms by purchasing and reselling assets and profiting from each transaction, similar to gambling.

Two Firms are Under Investigation

According to previous executives, CEO Changpeng Zhao, the founder, and Chief executive of Binance, owned two companies since about early last year, as per the Wall Street Journal. Corporate records, according to the Wall Street Journal, also reveal a link.

All organizations are market makers on Binance.US, the bitcoin exchange’s American arm. According to reports, authorities worry about whether the exchanges acknowledged their ties to all particular trading businesses. Although Binance states that they permit market makers to deal on its platform, they did not expressly mention Sigma Chain AG or Merit Peak Ltd.

Binance spokespeople informed the Wall Street Journal that while the company also does not compel to disclose its business structure to the audience, it does so whenever authorities request it.

According to unnamed individuals quoted in the Journal, the interested regulator is learning more about Zhao’s role. This is regardless of the links were appropriately reported to clients. An ongoing inquiry does not always imply misconduct.

Indeed, the organization is responsible for safeguarding clients and overseeing platforms that participate in the live buying and selling of securities. These are the financial assets purchased with the said anticipation of profit resulting from an industry’s or key squad’s work. Moreover, securities include company stock and, according to the SEC, certain cryptos.

Regulators investigate Binance

Regulators within the United States have formally investigated Binance. The Justice Department as well as the Internal Revenue Service opened an investigation into the corporation in May 2021. They looked into the likelihood of investors utilizing the exchange for evasion and money laundering.

In September 2021, everything emerged that perhaps the CFTC was investigating the exchange to see if workers’ involvement with illegal dealing and price tampering are present. Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading. In the last 24 hours, it has processed $13 billion in trade transactions. Addressing governmental concerns that prohibited American consumers from utilizing the primary exchange, Binance.US was created in 2017.

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