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The Betero Betting Platform

The first-ever digital betting platform that is people-oriented is soon to rise.

The Betero Betting Platform iBase Trading.
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The first-ever digital betting platform that is people-oriented is soon to rise. The Betero will be a trustworthy sports betting platform that accepts crypto payments. Moreover, it will be a sports betting platform based on decentralized blockchain technology.

It cannot be denied that all of the many trusted reputable sports betting platforms available on the market only accept fiat payments. And if there are digital betting platforms, they are less popular and less trusted. What’s more concerning is that these digital betting platforms are using centralized betting solutions. They only accept cryptocurrency payments while using regular betting systems.


To put it simply, they are the same as the traditional fiat payment betting platforms, but the only difference is that they accept crypto payments. As a result, it appears that these present digital betting platforms prioritize profits over the well-being of their users or consumers.

Introducing the Next Generation of Sports Betting

Betero aims to become the first online bookmaker in the world to accept several cryptocurrencies as deposits. With just a few clicks, users can begin betting on their favorite sports games.

Betero will be able to give the finest odds on the market. Developers designed Betero to do so by collecting numerous sports data providers. Token holders will also be able to vote for their favorite data providers using the integrated Betero DAO.

The unique profit redistribution technique used by Betero will ensure that users and BTE holders benefit the most from the betting platform’s success. Betero will be completely decentralized, all its earnings will go back to the people.

Betero’s vision is to build a next-generation sports betting platform based on the core principles of transparent product metrics, profit redistribution, and smart contracts. In addition, they will utilize blockchain and web3 technology. Lastly, Betero will have the ability to function as a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO.

For the most part, the developers behind Betero will employ blockchain technology and smart contracts to develop the Betero platform. This is, however, as long as it ensures user simplicity.

The Betero Token

The native and utility token of the Betero ecosystem is the Betero token (BTE). The system will use it to transfer prizes to the community and restore fairness to betting. As a result, the BTE token is an essential element of Betero’s ecosystem.

The platform will return the majority of earnings made on people’s bets to users in the form of refunds and staking rewards with Betero. All other cryptocurrencies will be exchanged into BTE before profit redistribution begins.

The target total supply of the Betero token (BTE) is 2,500,000,000. This will also be the total circulating supply of the token. The network will place 25% of the supply on liquidity mining, 12.5% will be on strategic sale, 12% will be for the team, and 10% will be for the ecosystem’s fund. 6% each will be for cross-chain liquidity, marketing, and advisors. The private sale and presale will each have 5% of the supply, while the airdrops, seeding, initial liquidity, and pre-seeding will have 4%, 4%, 3%, and 1.5% respectively.

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