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Betero Added on CoinGecko’s List

On their Twitter account, the Betero Team is pleased to announce that CoinGecko has added Betero to its official token listing.

Betero Added on CoinGecko’s List iBase Trading.
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On their Twitter account, the Betero Team is pleased to announce that CoinGecko has added Betero to its official token listing. With this, crypto traders can now follow the Betero token’s price, volume, and market capitalization on the top crypto information platform.

The Betero team believes that they will be able to build the Betero community and boost their purchasing power by attracting some new potential members with the help of the Coingecko listing. Moreover, they shared that being featured on a reputable cryptocurrency data aggregator enhances trust in the utility token of the platform. Betero is also expecting a token listing from CoinMarketCap soon.


Also today, traders can now farm $BTE on Uniswap. While yesterday, BscScan has officially verified Betero (BTE). Betero has now taken a step toward its objective of becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency coins. This is why they encourage traders and users to keep an eye out for more thrilling news on Betero.

The Betero Platform

Betero is the first community-focused betting site in the world to accept cryptocurrency deposits that a DAO has guaranteed. Its developers launched the platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The founder of Betero is identified on Betero’s whitepaper as Alvaro.

In addition, one of the most alluring features available on the Betero app for Android and iOS is live betting. On their mobile devices, users can wager on all sports and internationally renowned professional leagues. It could be on football, boxing, basketball, ice hockey, etc.

Furthermore, for the platform to operate as simply as conventional betting organizations, the Betero protocol will operate as a hybrid-decentralized platform. Blockchain technology and smart contracts will be the main building blocks of the Betero platform, provided that they provide user-friendliness.

To define the bets, resolve the betting markets in real-time, and enable live bets, the Betero will combine many centralized data providers. Furthermore, as part of the Betero DAO, the system uses governance votes to select these data providers.

Why Buy BTE?

Here are the benefits of owning BET tokens. You would profit as an investment from the platform’s revenue. Your profit will come from bets. Betero app users are the ones placing these bets. Betting markets contain substantial profit margins, and when combined with the Betero profit redistribution model, token owners of BTE can stake their tokens to generate passive revenue. Additionally, having BTE entitles you to vote.

In the application, Betero provides premium tiers for users (wooden, bronze, silver, and gold). By moving up those tiers, players can get bigger cashback for unsuccessful bets.

BTE is initially available for trading on PancakeSwap and then now also on UniSwap. The platform strongly believes that in the ensuing weeks and months, BET will be available on more exchange platforms.

The total token supply of BET is 2,500,000,000 and its circulating supply is the same. However, for one year, the network will freeze initial liquidity on PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

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