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AXS Tokens Skyrocket in Axie Infinity Revamp

Axie infinity's recent changes to its in-game economy seem to have changed the mood around the project.

AXS Tokens Skyrocket in Axie Infinity Revamp iBase Trading.
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Axie infinity’s recent changes to its in-game economy seem to have changed the mood around the project.

The revamp of Axie Infinity, which began in early January, took away its Daily Quest and Adventure Mode rewards.


They’ve changed the way Axie infinity works, and the price of their two tokens, AXS and SLP, has gone up by more than 50% in the last five days. From under $45 and $0.009 to more than $70 and $0.014 now.

AXS Economy Mess

In the last few weeks, Axie Infinity has been having a lot of problems with inflation because it was making 4 times as many SLP each day through rewards, and then there were SLP being burned through Axie breeding.

To make the game’s economic impact more balanced, they have made changes to how SLPs are given out and added new ways to burn them.

SLP Slit Reward

Around 40% of the SLP that is made each day comes from the daily adventure rewards. Another 44% is made during PvP. This can’t go on, so the team took drastic action after getting a lot of feedback from the community.

You’re going to lose your 50 SLP a day. That means you’re going to lose 130 million SLP tokens a day because you won’t get them.

Afterwards, they got rid of Daily Quest. Some people say that this was a great way to reward players, but now it’s used to make a lot of SLP. By taking these rewards, 50 million fewer SLP will be made each day.

According to Axie, if they don’t make these changes, they could have a total and long-term economic collapse.

They won’t be enough, though. still more SLP is being made than burned. They want to fix this by changing the way PVP rewards work.

Rewards Goes Up in PVP

There were prizes of about 3000 AXS tokens given out to the top 1000 players on Axie’s Leader Board in the last season. Because they staked (1.5m) each month, they only earned a small amount of money each month.

So, this season is going to be different. The top 300,000 players will be added to the leaderboard. More than that, 117,676 AXS were given out as prizes, which totals $6 million in prizes.

According to the team, the Axie Infinity revamp they’re working on will make the competitive Axie scene even more exciting and make it more important to have good Axie teams in the ecosystem.


Many people at Axie are looking for ways to use more SLP. They’re looking into things like custom and cosmetic skins, upgrading your game and breeding events, among other things.

It’s also possible that they’ll come up with more places where they can burn even more SLP. These are token-based power-ups for your Axies.

Changing the game alone won’t solve everything, but they’re an important step in the right direction.

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