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One of the people behind Kookoo Crypto made more than $1 million in less than two years.

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One of the people behind Kookoo Crypto made more than $1 million in less than two years.

They look up to him as the community manager of the gaming guild. Where there are more than 15,000 people who play games together. People who want to learn more about non-fungible token games. He is now giving a master class at the Nas Academy Philippines.


Kookoo Crypto Story

People think Kookoo Crypto’s story is too good to be true. However, he wants other Filipinos to know how he bought his dream house and took care of his parents while playing video games.

It took a long time for Kookoo Crypto to make money. In the beginning, he dropped out of college and worked as a server before becoming an Uber driver. During the pandemic, he read about how Filipinos made money.

It made a big difference in his money situation. It’s possible to download the game and learn how to breed your pets, which are called Axies. After that, you can sell them to other players for between $50 and $100 apiece. This made him do what he did.

Philippine Nas Academy

Kookoo Crypto has teamed with the Nas Academy Philippines. They wanted to provide guidance to those who are interested in learning how to make a lot of money online. It focuses on cryptocurrency trading and mining. Everyone who is interested in learning how to make money by knowing how the game works can now do so by studying the game’s rules and procedures. Thanks to the efforts of these individuals.

A cryptocurrency course available on the website Nas Academy. It is titled Kookoo Crypto’s master class. Also, it is taught by Kookoo, the company’s founder and cryptocurrency trader. He is also a member of the Nas Academy faculty.

Based on information provided by the National Academy’s Country Head in the Philippines, this lesson is just one of several. When it comes to the organization provides across the country. If you use an online platform to learn about cryptocurrencies, you will not be scared by how difficult it may be to learn about them. This is due to the fact that they are so intricate.

In addition to world-renowned crypto specialists such as Harvard graduate and multimillionaire Ben Yu. Who teaches entire video courses on crypto for beginners and how to master non-fungible tokens in seven days. Nas Academy also has a team of instructors that are experts in their fields.

What Else is There?

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies? It also includes both how to make money with cryptocurrencies. And how to make money with cryptocurrency exchanges. It also shows how to make money with cryptocurrency mining.

A portion of the proceeds from Ben Yu’s first class went toward the manufacturing of tokens for the Nas Academy x Curious Addy game. The OpenSea platform was used for this competition, and players competed against one another on it.

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