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Lessons from Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity and The Game

Lessons from Axie Infinity iBase Trading.
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Axie Infinity and The Game

Axie Infinity is a virtual world with a lot of fierce and cute pets called Axies, and it’s full of them. These pets can fight each other, be collected, and even be used to earn real-world money.

When you first look at Axie, it might look like Pokemon, Tamagotchi, or even animal crossing. But it’s not. Besides, you’re right. There is one big difference, though: The markets for in-game resources are open and run by the people who use them. We think that games with real, player-owned economies will become our digital homes, where a new generation can live, work, and play in the digital world. Axie is a reminder of what we’ve done.


This new type of game with a real economy can only be made possible by blockchain technology, which makes it possible. After I finish this, I’ll go over it a little more. We use it to run things like our in-game asset market and the market for in-game resources that can be earned by playing the game.

Because this idea is good, so far, our players have sold 300,000 Axies, and the number is growing. Our players have earned over 9 million dollars of tokens by playing, and nine plots of land in the Axie universe were sold for 1.5 million dollars on February 8th.


It’s a new technology called blockchain that lets people own their own data without having to give it to anyone else. The most well-known use of this is with money. Through Bitcoin and Ethereum, people can become their own banks and make their own money. But this idea of having complete control over your data is starting to spread to other industries (at quite the pace, too).

Blockchain games show that Blockchain works. Because it lets players own all of their game assets, this is why. Because of this, they can sell to anyone and anywhere in the world without having to deal with you sending the first issue. You don’t have to trust anyone. I don’t trust it as much as I used to.

It’s open, fair, and can’t be changed: everyone in the community can see how the economy is doing or how many assets there are. People who play Axie will own the game because of new ownership models, like our governance token, AXS. Axie will be the first game held by the people who play it.

It also comes up with a new type of game: play to earn. In these games, you can get coins for playing.

Different From Other Game

In the first place, Axie is the largest game on the Blockchain. People who own Axies have 21,000 of them, and 33,000 people own them. We also have the record for the largest sale of a Blockchain game item ever, with a price of 1.5 million USD.

It was Axie who first came up with the idea of play to earn, which is that anyone, anywhere, can make money from playing games if they work hard enough.

Thousands of people from developing countries have played our game. In the Covid pandemic, people who want to start a new business are usually the first to get sick. Many of these people have in common that they have never even used Blockchain technology before.

Earning Money

Starting this year, players can get a token called AXS that helps them run things. People who play this game have a say in how the game runs and how much it costs. So now there’s a Ready Player One-style quest to grab a piece of the world. But if you don’t use RPO, these quests aren’t winner takes all. It rewards each player depending on their effort and skill to balance things out.

Axie also has a lot of people who help out from the community. Axie is being worked on by both the core developers and the people who use it. There’s almost a hive-mind effect going on because the game has a lot of token holders.

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