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Axie Infinity: A Crypto Game Guide

There is a new way to make crypto called Axie Infinity. In this ecosystem, non-fungible tokens and Ethereum (ETH) are used to make things that users can play with.

Axie Infinity: A Crypto Game Guide iBase Trading.
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There is a new way to make crypto called Axie Infinity. In this ecosystem, non-fungible tokens and Ethereum (ETH) are used to make things that users can play with.

An Axie Infinity co-founder says that the game is play-to-earn, not pay-to-play like some other games are.


People who play video games want to make money, but they don’t want to. Many people have made that dream come true.

Axie Infinity

By playing Axie Infinity, users can earn an in-game currency called Smooth Love Potion, or SLP. One can exchange AXS for money in the real world and use SLP to buy things in the game.

Axie Infinity is similar to Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Roblox, but with crypto instead. It’s a lot of fun for the Axies to fight. Like Pokemon, you can collect, breed, train, and fight these little monsters. Like Pokemon, each Axie is unique, and you own them. Axies are NFTs, which makes it easy to see who owns them.

Battle arena and breeding are the only things that work right now, but Larsen thinks Axie Infinity will be just like World of Warcraft or Roblox when it comes to how many people use it every day.

AXS Features

Social network and marketplace, breeding game, leveling and achievements, player vs. environment/adventure mode (where players can fight each other and the environment), land gameplay where players can build their kingdoms, harvest resources, attack chimeras and other players, and lunacia sdk: developers and creators can make Gaia-themed games. Axie Infinity wants to be a single platform that has all these features.

AI Get Started

Axie Infinity’s creators met while playing Crypto Kitties and wanted to make an educational game for people new to crypto. In 2018, they started Sky Mavis, which focuses on technology. This company is making axie Infinity. There has been only one game made by Sky Mavis so far.

AI Battling

This is where people can see how Pokemon has a significant impact on the world around them. It doesn’t matter which Axies is better than the other ones; it all comes down to each person’s four stats.

People who have a high moral level have a better chance of a critical hit. People with a high skill level have a better chance of a combo—speed: Axie goes first.

These are affected by their six body parts, and they all work together. When an Axie is in a class, it can do 15% more damage to classes that it is good at.

People who win get SLP and go up in level. It’s possible to earn more SLP at higher levels. Players can use this to breed Axies or sell on the market.

AI Breeding

This is where the money starts to come in. Each Axie can only be bred seven times, and it needs AXS and SLP to do so. This is how it works: An Axie costs more to breed when it’s been bred a lot at one time. People who wrote the battle guide had to pay five times as much to buy the cheapest Axie because they had to breed them.

This is how it works: The Axie has three genes for each of its six body parts: one that is dominant, one that is recessive, and one that is a little recessive. The baby Axie has the best chance of getting the dominant trait, and the worst chance of getting the minor recessive trait. The chance of the recessive trait being in the middle is about the same as the chance of getting the dominant trait.

Classes have the same chances to get into the top groups. If the parents are in different classes, each will get 50% of the money. If the parents are in the same class, their child will most likely be in the same class, too.

It’s up to the market to decide which Axies are the priciest. Some breeders want Axies that are powerful for fights, but other breeders want rare traits even if they aren’t powerful, so they look for them.

Axie Marketplace

It is possible to buy and sell SLPs, Axie, and other NFTs on the market at any time. People who do not want to breed can sell their SLPs on the market, get them in battle, or find SLPs in adventure mode.

Is Axie Infinity a Good Idea?

Some people say that the only reason Axie Infinity’s value has gone up so much in the last year is that people have to pay a lot to play. This is not true. People who want to play need to have at least three Axie, and the cheapest ones cost about $300 each. That means it can cost more than $1,500 just to start.

In order for Axie Infinity or Sky Mavis to deal with scammers, the players must set up scholarship programs, so they don’t have the power or responsibility.

There will be no buy-in for Axie Infinity, says Larsen. Eventually, the game will be able to pay for itself through trading fees. As long as no one makes money, he thinks people will still enjoy it because of the game. As many as half of the players now say that’s true for them.


This crypto video game might be a fun side job for people who used to love Pokemon as kids and have $1,500 to spare. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t risk it.

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