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Axie Infinity & AXS Token for Beginners

If you like CryptoKitties, you'll enjoy Axie Infinity.

The Beginner’s Guide to Axie Infinity & AXS Token iBase Trading.
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If you like CryptoKitties, you’ll enjoy Axie Infinity.

While play-to-earn games have failed to attract mainstream gamers, they prosper in the crypto sphere. Axie Infinity has proven this by generating $2.97 million in a governance token sale on Binance Launchpad.


What is Axie Infinity

Players may breed, raise, and battle Axies in an Ethereum-based decentralized game. These animals can be sold at a fair price in the open market.

You’re not the only one who thinks of Pokémon. Many gamers compare it to the popular franchise. Despite this, the two games share the mythical creature theme solely.

The game is the first Ethereum-based NFT project with over 10,000 monthly active players (at least, right now).

Sky Mavis in Vietnam created the game. It’s a new Binance Launchpad project. But the governance token, AXS (more on that later), is not new. It’s been in the works for almost two years.

What are Axies

In the game, the Axies are adorable fantasy animals. Don’t be fooled by how cute they are. Like cats, these species can do a lot of harm. In actuality, you utilize these monsters to attack opponents. You may also breed them and exchange them on the market.

The Axies dwell in a Terrarium. Our fantastic animals fight here, gaining vital experience that helps them grow into a stronger Axie.

To win, you must know your Axies. You must know their strengths and limitations and only put them against foes who are weaker. You may always experiment with your Axies’ over 500 body parts to see what works best for you.

Beast, Bug, Plant, Bird, Aquatic, Moon, Nut, Star, and Reptile are all Axies. There will be more Axies in future editions.

How to Earn Money with Axie Infinity

Earning money with Axie Infinity is a process. It can be used for yield farming, but you’ll have to wait a while before you see any progress. But if you’re here to make money playing the game, keep reading!

First, choose three Axies for PvP and PvE (Player versus Environment) combat. These Axies might come from any of the nine classes.

To be clear, you’d have to buy these Axies instead of getting them from the game. This is important to note. If you want to win or lose wars, you must get good weapons.

The cheapest ones won’t help you win any fights. And if you don’t win battles, you won’t play long enough to break even.

Consider it a crypto-investment tool. Except you’re no longer floating in the typical crypto markets’ currents. Your time and talents are impacting its values.

What are AXS Tokens

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the Axie Universe’s governance tokens. AXS token holders may earn incentives via staking, voting, and playing. They may also earn tokens by playing games in the Axie Infinity Universe.

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