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Axie Creates Spin-Off Games

Axie WarKart is one of the very first creations to emerge from the Builders Program's development pipeline.

Axie Creates Spin-Off Games iBase Trading.
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Axie WarKart is one of the very first creations to emerge from the Builders Program’s development pipeline.

It was just a few weeks ago that AXS officially launched the Builders Program. Some projects are already in the works. Axie WarKart is one of the most anticipated Axie spin-off games. Further, it is a racing game that incorporates Axies and other components from the original game.


More than 1500 applications have already been accepted into the program, according to Jihoz Zirlin, co-founder of AXS, according to recent tweets from him. Some, such as Axie WarKart, have already communicated their development and concepts to the Axie community through social media.

Axie WarKart will provide the community with a unique racing experience. Players will be able to compete against one another and win races once they have the ability to employ their Axies as in-game characters. Ben Kelly, the game’s inventor, has stated that players will also have the chance to use power-ups and weaponry while competing. Both of these components are things and details that are in the original AXS video game series.

More information on Axie WarKarts will be released in the near future, but anticipation for the game is already increasing. Ben Kelly has previously registered the Ethereum Name Service domain name axiewarkart.eth on behalf of the Ethereum Name Service. Every day, he adds new followers to his Twitter account, which is also growing.

Axie Community Builders

Axie Builders Program projects like the Axie WarKart are still in the works. As soon as they started working on their own spin-off projects, other developers started sending mock-ups and drawings to each other. There is already a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game in the works at binoyaragon.eth, but it isn’t ready yet. They’ll be a part of it.

If you want to create a game, you can use AXS’ assets and Non-Fungible Tokens to do so. It doesn’t have to be a race, tower defense, or even a brawler to have Axie characters or tokens.

It may look like Sky Mavis is giving up a lot of copyright over designs that they have worked on for a long time. The Builders Program, on the other hand, is a great way to build a strong group of people who love AXS. People will be able to connect even more with the game.

A good idea is to use in-game money, like Axie Infinity and Smooth Love Potion, in projects like games that aren’t part of the main game. This also makes ecosystems that use play to earn better, which is good for them as well.

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