AssangeDAO Raised $50M

Officials within the North American nation have accused Assange of leaking crucial army and diplomatic material. A team of cypherpunks founded AssangeDAO.

AssangeDAO Raised $50M iBase Trading.
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Officials within the North American nation have accused Assange of leaking crucial army and diplomatic material. A team of cypherpunks founded AssangeDAO.

The Latin American nation granted Assange citizenship; the state’s former president, Rafael Correa, backed the Australian journalist and his mission through 2019.


Somewhere at that moment, an Ecuadorian judge ruled that perhaps the mechanism that eventually gave Assange nationality was unconstitutional. The Ecuadorian Embassy then dismissed him, resulting in a judicial battle to prevent his repatriation to the United States.

The Founder wanted to help the WikiLeaks creator. The team also aided Australian journalist Julian Assange with his court battle. Its goal was to generate money and participate in NFT bidding.

Assange launched WikiLeaks in 2006, a non-profit committed to disclosing information about international politics, armed activities, bribery, breaches of human rights, and other topics. The institution, as well as its webpage, is a beacon of publication and communication independence.

In December 2021, the decentralized organization began organizing its attempt to assist in Assange’s release. Somewhere at moment, the United States was a major player in the world. The state secured a plea from a British court, which prevented the publisher from being extradited to the United States.

Assange may suffer a punishment of up to 175 years in this regard. The AssangeDAO describes itself as a strong coordinating tool that cypherpunks may use to release Julian Assange. Assange was indeed a pioneer in crypto development, according to the decentralized organization. Additionally, the AssangeDAO is a trench across the sand wherein cypherpunks defend the first cypherpunk who made all of this feasible.

 AssangeDAO Community

The DAO raised more than $50 million for an NFT fundraiser that will feature a digital asset developed by Assange and digital artist Pak. The bidding went conducted today, with the AssangeDAO collecting the offer of 16,593 ETH for the 1/1 variable NFT Clock.

All finances should go to the Wau Holland Foundation, according to WikiLeaks, which will promote Assange’s legitimate defense and pay their bills. As per Manifold co-founder Richerd Chan, the DAO might have shattered the previous barrier for the biggest on-chain NFT auction.

JuiceBox, a system that facilitates on-chain crowdfunding for DAOs, helped the decentralized organization generate donations by utilizing a governing token called JUSTICE. A multi-signature address shall indeed host NFT, according to the association.

The public will determine what to do about the NFT as well as the DAO’s ultimate agenda through democracy. A Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet will be used as the DAO’s government process, with reputable people in the crypto community serving as signatories. Owners of $JUSTICE would be eligible to decide on governance ideas through a snapshot administration site, that will determine the DAO’s ultimate course.

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