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Arweave: Store Web Apps Permanently

Arweave is a protocol that doesn't have to be run by anyone. It gives accurate information. Further, Arweave helps the user save essential data and make websites at a low cost and a high speed.

Arweave: Store Web Apps Permanently iBase Trading.
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Arweave is a protocol that doesn’t have to be run by anyone. It gives accurate information. Further, Arweave helps the user save essential data and make websites at a low cost and a high speed.

Also, Permaweb is a group of web apps built on the core protocol. The content on the Permaweb can’t be changed, unlike on the central web, which can be changed.


The Permaweb

A permanent URL that can’t be changed can be used to get to the information that’s on the Permaweb and get to it again. Besides that, the URL is also mathematically linked to the content on its own.

Permaweb Features

Data downloaded from a free Firefox, Chrome, or Brave browser can be stored on an individual’s computer. If he wants to fund their wallet and make a one-time payment, the data will be held here. Some online forums have gone away over time, but not this one. For example, if a forum is hosted on Permaweb, it will stay there for a very long time.

So, even though Permaweb costs more in the short term than other options like AWS, it can keep the files for a very long time. A representative said that data storage costs have gone up by about 30% for a while. The decentralized network would be able to handle the expenses.

Another good thing about the Perma app is that users can use the old version instead of the new one. This way, even though the developer later adds versions that invade privacy or show ads, users can still rely on the older one.

Permaweb can also be used to keep things private. As a bonus, torrenting is free, which will make it more appealing to pirates, as well.

Arweave Works

In other words, Arweave is not a business. It doesn’t own any content on the Permaweb or the network. Not the answer you’re looking for? It also connects people who have extra hard drive space to rent out to data that needs to be kept for a long time. There are no middlemen.


Arweave started the ARCA DAO, a community-run, Ethereum-based organization that was set up to help grow and develop the Arweave network. It’s like some of the non-profit DAOs, but members of the ARCA can vote on how to spend their money. Currently, the new DAO has 17 members, but anyone who helps the community can apply for free to become a member in the future. Arweave said that this is just the beginning of promoting community ownership of projects related to Arweave. If it works, there will be more efforts like this in the future.

The Bottom-line

Arweave is an entirely open-source platform designed to assist developers, miners, and others build the next-generation web. Arweave also links those with additional hard drive space and those in need of trustworthy storage. This method also delivers unrivaled data protection and replication for users, eliminating intermediaries and allowing everyone in the network to profit.

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