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April 2021 Community Update

Terraform Labs celebrates its third anniversary and the second anniversary of its mainnet launch in April.

April 2021 Community Update iBase Trading.
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Terraform Labs celebrates the third and second anniversary of its mainnet launch in April. With the debut of Mirror Protocol, Anchor Protocol, and Terra Station mobile, as well as a number of key partnerships and integrations and new investors, Terra has progressed significantly over the past year. Furthermore, the Terra ecosystem is ecstatic to see the flood of creative builders and motivated & knowledgeable community members.

On the product side, the team has also been working nonstop to incorporate community feedback and improve the user experience on Anchor (more details on specific features are below). Anchor Protocol, which was launched last month, has already secured more than $970 million in stablecoin deposits and bLUNA collateral value.


The team is getting ready to release Mirror V2, with a list of new features accessible here, as well as celebrating $ MIR’s listing on Binance and Huobi. It’s also been a privilege to be featured on Breaking Banks, the top fintech podcast, as well as Bloomberg, among other noteworthy publications.

Updates on the Ecosystem

  • Project Spotlight 1: Kash — an app that allows mainstream users to trade and store with Mirror and Anchor through a single interface — has also released a new version that includes user-requested functionality.
  • Loop Finance, an AMM, and wallet on Terra, has also announced the launch of Project Spotlight 2.
  • Delphi Digital and IDEO are also hosting a Terra Hackathon;
  • Highlights in governance: LocalTerra P2P Exchange Proposal, Anchor’s proposal for value exchange, finally welcomes Pylon.
  • Now, users may track assets across the Terra ecosystem using Ape Board (Terra Station, Anchor, Mirror).
  • The Axelar network gateway is now available on CosmWasm, allowing users to move assets in and out of Terra quickly.
  • Smoothy (a BSC curve-like protocol) integrates $UST, allowing holders to exchange $UST for $BUSD, $USDT, $DAI, and $PAX with minimum slippage and gas within BSC’s growing DeFi ecosystem.
  • The CosmWasm Riddlethon is a competition that introduces junior developers to the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Ren Protocol and YF Link, which built out the RenVM Bridge, have made $renLUNA available on Ethereum.
  • Sushiswap’s LUNA pool now provides $RUNE rewards.
  • UST MXC + Gate.io list
  • LUNA/USD & LUNA/USDT pairings are listed on Bitfinex, with additional LUNA pairs added to KuCoin.

Updates on technology and products

  • Terra Bridge’s user interface changed, and it is now compatible with Chromium-based Edge.
  • The Basic plan of PayWithTerra, an API that allows merchants to incorporate Terra as a payment option, has been released.
  • For Linux users, Terra Station is finally available.
  • Terra Station’s multi-asset functionality now allows users to convert incentives into a single token in one go.
  • The next Columbus-5 mainnet upgrade is shaping up to be one of the most significant for the Terra blockchain, streamlining Terran tokenomics dramatically. Following on the heels of Jump Trading’s initial plan, which went live in January, Columbus-5 will carry out the proposal to burn all seigniorage, including a significant amount of LUNA from the over-funded community pool, and will ultimately make the LUNA UST swap considerably more efficient.


  • The Anchor Community Update includes the Anchor FAQ.
  • The community’s feedback is being used to improve Anchor’s features. A liquidation price for UST borrowers utilizing bLUNA, an Interest Earned display for UST depositors on the Earn page, and a deposit maximum of 20% APY are among the changes.
  • Within five weeks of inception, Anchor had amassed approximately $970 million in TVL, accounting for more than 11% of the total LUNA staked on Terra.
  • Nexus Mutual is an aUST supporter.
  • Anchor integrates into Oxis, a non-custodial wallet.
  • Solidefi now offers a low-risk 20 percent Anchor discount on $UST.
  • Anchor’s 20% earn functionality the Angel Protocol uses to provide eternal charity endowments.
  • DeFi Llama lists anchor Protocol.


  • When measuring TVL incorporating Pool2 data, Mirror crosses $2 billion in TVL and $1 billion in liquidity, making it a top 15 DeFi Protocol and a major cross-chain DeFi protocol.
  • Mirror V2 governance: the feature list for Mirror V2 finally released!
  • $MIR is in the Innovation Zone list on Binance and Huobi.
  • On Mirror, the community-whitelisted mCOIN (Coinbase) has also gone live.
  • MIR is the first Terra-native asset with support from Coinbase Custody, making it the first Terra-native asset the Coinbase Custody backs.
  • Limit orders are now supported on Mirror Protocol, allowing users to purchase mAssets at their desired price.
  • Mirror integrates into DeFi Llama (Pool2 data – MIR-UST volume — not included.)
  • Mirror Protocol will soon include Chainlink integration.


  • Breaking Banks, the #1 global fintech podcast, features Terra where she discusses our strategy to construct a whole fintech stack.
  • Community AMA with Do & Sebnondzee; TerraBites — Vlad Tenev, Hackathon ideas, & Anchor wallet integration; TerraBites — Vlad Tenev, Hackathon ideas, & Anchor wallet integration
  • Journal Du Coin, Unforkable, The DeFiant, and the Erica Show have all conducted interviews.
  • Additionally, Terra and UST are in Coingecko’s Q1 Cryptocurrency Report.
  • The Defiant delves into how to get the most out of Anchor.
  • Terra is Taking Over the World, Block42’s Updated Validator Setup Guide, and Spar Protocol’s March Update are among the latest community posts.
  • Crypto Fundamentals; Undervaluation of LUNA; Does welcome thread for newcomers; asymmetric bets, contrarian plays, and ETFs; and Terra ecosystem value capture/tokenomics
  • Notable Tweets: turns out Robinhood’s Vlad Tenev was an early LUNA investor. Also, Bison Trails thread on ANC, the problems Terra solves, introduction to Mars Protocol — a money market protocol on Terra, some Cardano/Terra spice, on the UST peg, the Terra network’s TVL, the decisions LUNAtics face, Novogratz loves LUNAtics.
  • Ecosystem maps are also available in two formats: a list format and a visual map.

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