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Apple Restricts Metaverse

According to Matthew Ball, managing partner of the venture capital firm Epyllion Co. and author of "The Metaverse and How It Will Revolutionize Everything," Apple may be restricting the development of the metaverse.

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According to Matthew Ball, managing partner of the venture capital firm Epyllion Co. and author of “The Metaverse and How It Will Revolutionize Everything,”

Although Ball believes Apple is about to “thrive in the next era” of more immersive computing, he is concerned that Apple’s monopoly on distribution is dragging the industry down.


Apple Banned Crypto-based VR

Ball stated on Thursday’s episode of “First Mover” on CoinDesk TV that Apple does not permit crypto-based virtual worlds. They’ve managed to effectively stifle a certain class of disruptive innovation. 

Ball argues that the tech giant is using its monopoly on supply and demand to suppress sophisticated virtual worlds.

Some people consider the metaverse to be the future of computing and the internet. Over half of tech creators and leaders believe by 2040 the metaverse will be fully interwoven into people’s daily lives, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

Apple, according to Ball, makes more money from managing the software on its platforms by virtue of its control over APIs, or application programming interfaces, which act as a bridge between programmes. In the United States, Apple sells more iPhones than it does anywhere else in the world. Apple must approve all iOS apps and pay a charge before they can run on an iOS device.

It’s not just the metaverse that seems to have been squeezed out of Apple’s dominant app store. According to Ball, the organisation takes a cautious approach to a variety of issues, including cryptography and porn.

Most Crypto Games are Unavailable on iOS

Most crypto games, he continued, are either not available on the iOS app at all or are so basic as to be uninteresting. He did, however, point out that despite being banned from the App Store, many of these products can be accessed through what he called a “browser experience.”

Ball believes Apple is in a special position to influence the development of entire markets. And it doesn’t always make the most logical decisions. Among the estimated 30 crypto-based games available in its app store are Axie Infinity, Sandbox 3D, and CryptoKitties.

Ball hypothesised that this might be because of increased regulation of business models and cloud gaming. Some people think they are unfairly imposing a charge on user-created content.

App Store revenue is subject to a 30% cut for Apple.

The Next Big Thing

Ball argued that iOS users should have more control over their devices because they are restricted to using only Apple ID and other proprietary authentication methods.

Apple restricts user actions and information in favour of tailored experiences, and Ball claims this is impeding innovation given the iPhone’s dominant market share.

Moreover, no one can steal your social graph, data, or virtual assets and use them to shut down your business.

No one can predict the future of the metaverse because so few people understand it now. In fact, according to Ball, that expression won’t even exist in the foreseeable future.

Future generations may find themselves immersed in a 3D simulation without realising it, Ball predicted. He qualified this with the caveat that this would only be the case if Apple didn’t try to restrict the metaverse right now.

Despite repeated attempts, Apple has yet to react to our request for comment.

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