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Another Ecosystem Bridge in Avalanche

There's a lot to look forward to in the next weeks and months with Avalanche Autumn and Avalanche Rush.

Avalanche Looks Set for Bridges to Other Ecosystems iBase Trading.
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There’s a lot to look forward to in the next weeks and months with Avalanche Autumn and Avalanche Rush. This includes the biggest DeFi Blue Chip protocols debuting Avalanche, Coinbase listing, reduced fees, and tech updates.

When hundreds more configurable blockchains build atop Avalanche and all compatible, the network impacts will be profound.


In the next weeks and months, expect to see additional DeFi blue-chip protocols, new $10 Billion Asset classes (ILOs), creative native Avalanche DAPPs, exchange listings, Avalanche V2, and more. Avalanche aims to tokenize the $700 Trillion in conventional financial assets as well as the $200 Billion DeFi industry.

Fastest developing blockchain platform with time to finality under 1 second, high throughput, and decentralization through Avalanche Consensus.

Avalanche Bridge

This allows users to securely transfer assets from Ethereum to Avalanche. At this point, nearly $3.2 billion worth of assets has been moved from Ethereum to Avalanche. To make the user experience as simple as possible, customers who bridge over $75 worth of assets will earn 0.05 AVAX for first gas expenses.

This is going to happen soon. First, it will connect to a few EVM blockchains, then to a few non-EVM blockchains. This will let people experience Avalanche on new platforms and boost liquidity to Avalanche.


The core network now consists of three blockchains: X, P, and C-Chain. The C-Chain uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine to enable Ethereum DAPPs like AAVE, Curve, and Sushiswap to transfer over quickly.

With the Avalanche Consensus, Avalanche is a platform of platforms. That doesn’t mean you can’t use whatever custom VM you want. Avalanche allows projects from any blockchain to effortlessly migrate over and benefit from Avalanche’s performance, decentralization, cheap fees, and customization.

Every validator for a subnet also has to validate the main network and stake AVAX, which means that they have to do this. Avalanche is the only consensus that can have more than 100–150 active validators. This means that it could have millions of people actively participating in consensus. Validators will get AVAX stake payouts (currently 10%) as well as tokens for verifying various subnets. Validators may be provided airdrops to verify a network section, although this isn’t assured.

It will be much more spectacular when hundreds of Avalanche-based blockchains can communicate. Sometime in the fourth quarter of 2021, there will be a lot more permissionless subnets and interoperability between subnets.

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