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Aave Launches Web3

It established the Lens Protocol environment mostly on Polygon MATIC blockchain to compete with centralized social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Aave Launches Web3 iBase Trading.
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It established the Lens Protocol environment mostly on Polygon MATIC blockchain to compete with centralized social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It began with a public statement aimed at gaining acceptance for the concept that media producers must own and manage their online identities. As a result, the creation of Aave Web3-native social media site based on non-fungible coins took place.

Stani Kulechov, CEO and creator of Aave, highlighted Lens Protocol’s objective in a Twitter Spaces session the firm sponsored this week. Certainly, people planned to create a social media procedure or social graph and put those identities on the blockchain. They will be tracking the interconnections on the blockchain and removing the need for authorization to transmit material amongst creators and audiences.


Moreover, Kulechov along with his development group looked at existing social media system issues. Those are individuals, not things, said one of the creators, @Zer0dots on Twitter. They aren’t pieces of information or statistics. He’s talking about stuff on people’s accounts, whether that’s an Instagram picture or a Tweet that Meta or Twitter could offer to advertisers as information. He explained how Lens Protocol aims to shift the focus away from people as commodities and toward allowing artists adequate control over how they deliver their work.

Enterprising NFTs

Anyone can construct an identity, which would be a completely configurable NFT, using the interface. Those dynamic NFTs keep track of every post, retweet, comment, and other content created. This includes music, discussion, artwork, images, and video. It’s a big difference that identities tie to a wallet address and that rights holders can choose how they want to monetize their content. A fan can also gather a marketable follow NFT by collecting somebody else’s publishing.

They may select whoever collects it, according to @Zer0dots. They have control over which reasoning. However, is there a charge? Is it a subscription slope or a bonding slope? Or are they simply looking for particular addresses? There are a plethora of choices.

Aave and Dao Tools

The Aave group further proposed that identities may be turned into a decentralized autonomous organization. Maybe even turn into DAO, throughout the Twitter Spaces event. A fan can choose to possess casting and assignment control over a DAO profile by opting in.

Such an innovative ecosystem, according to Aave, is similar to an open-source programmer landscape in which the public is invited to collect manure and expand upon such standards. This includes everything from networking applications and analytics systems to DAO tools. The purpose of the firm is to replicate real-life social interaction. Additionally, it should be where it isn’t influenced by a system’s ever-changing rules and regulations.

There’s a Polygon Mumbai Testnet for now where you can try out the Lens Protocol’s code. Since it is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, it is allowing distribution programs on any blockchain. Polygon was the preferable chain due to its high data speeds and low cost.

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