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$80M Bug Creates Moral Dilemma

On Wednesday evening, a flaw in the code of cash market Compound resulted in the incorrect release of COMP tokens intended for long liquidity mining incentives.

$80 Million Bug Creates a “Moral Dilemma” for DeFi Users Says Compound Founder iBase Trading.
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On Wednesday evening, a flaw in the code of cash market Compound resulted in the incorrect release of COMP tokens intended for long liquidity mining incentives.

Soon after, the Compound Twitter feed recognized the problem, stating that no users of cash were in danger. The problem affects only Compound’s Comptroller Contract, which is in charge of dispersing liquidity mining incentives gained throughout time. As per Robert Leshner, almost the whole Comptroller Contract indeed emptied, with 280,000 COMPs issued improperly to customers.


Despite the massive amounts wasted due to the problem, society now engrosses in a debate over what members should do about their money. Leshner told CoinDesk that the darkest day in the Compound system’s history was beyond question.

Leshner appeared to warn users of the incorrect tokens in a Tweet on Thursday evening that maintaining them might have real-world ramifications, specifically the U.S. It’s possible that the Internal Revenue Service will become interested in hearing about it. Some DeFi users perceived the remarks to suggest Compound Labs intended to report beneficiaries to the appropriate tax officials. Leshner quickly said sorry for the remark. Doxing accusations shows to be successful in the previous in coping with exploits. Last month, a non-fungible token NFT group famously warned to phone the FBI and send stew to a scammer’s location.

The attacker eventually gave up and returned the money he had taken. Even when an entity wanted to follow claimants, in this case, it could be a hollow menace in practice.

As per a Compound Labs spokesperson, while Compound Labs is a physical organization operating on the guidelines, there is hardly a straightforward foundation for it to take legal action because the decentralized autonomous organization structures in such a way that it has become another participant of the society.

The operational security isn’t hacker-proof

The Compound interface is likewise housed on the shared data storage protocol InterPlanetary File System. According to the spokesperson, no notifiable data regarding clients is gathered in any form. Nevertheless, because of the bug’s structure, several of the token receivers aren’t expert attackers; they just managed to get the game.

The operational security isn’t hacker-proof. Many locations that declared vast amounts of tokens engaged with major exchanges that keep their factual info, as well as the claims could have an effect on their tax. Zero awareness of the problem is needed to declare the payments. Some customers may not have the information that exploitation was in progress; they may have earned millions while expecting to get far lesser amounts as incentives.

According to Leshner, the DeFi industry has banded together to develop remedies to the protocol. Delegates from Yearn. Finance and MakerDAO involved themselves in public forums in search of short- and long-term answers. On the other hand, Compound’s built is with an extraordinarily tight and sluggish governance process in mind. The architecture that should make the paradigm more robust now serves as a roadblock to a remedy. The market will have to wait additional five days to ratify any changes to the contract code.

Aside from technical fixes for the initial bug, the protocol now has an even greater challenge in persuading users who acquired tokens to refund them to the public.

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