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4 Reasons to Invest in Internet Computer

he Internet Computer remains active and vigorous even though its current price momentum may not convince many investors.

4 Reasons to Invest in Internet Computer iBase Trading.
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The Internet Computer remains active and vigorous even though its current price momentum may not convince many investors. Several reasons will potentially persuade people to invest in this project and prove it worthwhile for people with long-term visions. But before investing and making financial commitments, make sure to carry out an  in-depth research.

ICP strongly focuses on the enterprise segment

First, bringing technologies and concepts to enterprises can help establishments and companies achieve new and innovative solutions, software, and infrastructure. The team deems the present IT infrastructure technology expensive and inefficient, and mostly, existing IT solutions often lack security and agility.


By increasing the Internet Computer’s technology, companies can spend more time creating and formulating products and solutions rather than fixing problems. The ICP’s autonomous software, default security, and complex reduction present numerous companies’ opportunities.

Internet Computer seems to have many projects built on its technology

Undoubtedly, there is always room for more. Developers are building on the stack to create new decentralized applications to replace traditional cloud solutions that require extensive research and development. If the expansion rate is sustainable, the overall system evolves and grows.

Internet Computer does not lack funding

Third, the Internet Computer does not lack funding compared to other cryptocurrency projects. DFINITY, the company that created the project, has already established partnerships and attracted investment capital funds from Andreessen Horowitz and PolyChain Capital through the DFINITY Foundation. The team’s latest fundraising that took place in 2019 gained $102 million. The DFINITY Foundation has raised over $195 million since 2015, when it raised $61 million. There is plenty of funding for this technology to keep developing.

The data presented can fund the development of a technology stack. Rather than scale its ecosystem traditionally, the ICP will scale together with the internet and its overall bandwidth.

Holders can store ICP tokens and log into any application or software built on ICP

Lastly, since every cryptocurrency needs native wallet solutions to keep funds safe, the Plug Wallet may be attractive. The Plug Wallet provides efficient access to other tickets and will receive much more functionality in the future.

The Plug Wallet is only in the alpha release phase and compatible with Chrome and Chromium browsers and Firefox. It still not downloadable from any official browser app store, but users can get it from GitHub. It looks like MetaMask but is dedicated purely to the Internet Computer ecosystem. Furthermore, it supports Principal IDs if the users wish to link specific identifiers to apps and tokens. These make the Plug Wallet a good reason for investors to try the Internet Computer.

These can be convincing reasons to try and invest with Internet Computer. But one must be careful when choosing platforms they support, as this article does not constitute advice in investment.

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